The Three Blind Mice And The Seeing-Eye Dog

… is a work in progress … was the current work in progress … until it got demoted


is keyed off one of my favorite stories – the Blind Men and the Elephant


Six blind men sitting around a warm fire, discussing life’s mysteries … and one mystery on which they all agreed was the elephant – fact or fancy – does it exist, and why? What does it look like?

“The Sultan has an elephant … perhaps we should organize a field trip?”

Which they did.

andcastawaay mouse - Copy

to quick-list the blind men’s impressions of the elephant –

  • The first fell against the side of the elephant as he approached the beast – elephants are like a wall he declared
  • The second felt the trunk and pronounced an elephant is like a big snake
  • The third felt the elephant’s leg – an elephants is like a tree, he said
  • The fourth felt the tusk – elephants are like spears
  • The fifth – he felt the tail and pronounced an elephant is like a rope
  • The sixth blind man waved the elephant’s ear; it was like a sail …
racing the wild elephant

racing the wild elephant

It’s the storyteller in me. Story triggers storythe Blind Elephant and the Man – in which a blind elephant hears tell of this thing called MAN –

what is it?

The elephant knows only that there is a jogging path that runs parallel to his living area … for a space … and that a MAN runs along the path in the early morning every morning. The elephant hears the MAN running by each morning, and, one morning, decides to take matters into his own trunk.

He starts to run as the MAN approaches … gradually picking up speed … until he is pacing the jogger … and, just before the path veers away, the elephant leaps the low stone wall surrounding his pen and lands on the runner.



He promptly pronounces the one truth he has learned about man – that man is very FLAT

The pictures are an exercise I try to run through a couple – three times – four times each day to keep my Parkinson’s in hand.

Ten minutes. Fifteen tops.

I start with a few quick scratches with a gel pen … preferrably … that I smear discretely … unevenly. Uneasily –

I build them into rough stone or a tree or water. I pull them out of my mind, directly …

no model; no photograph. I try to visualize my work as I am working at it. Worrying it; it distracts from my tremoring –

I’m forcing my left hand into play, lately, to counter the tremors in my right … it’s not an exercise with which I’m comfortable … drawing with my left hand is, in general, too abstract … too …

sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t

some times it does

as in the tale of the Three Blind Mice and the Seeing-Eye Elephant

Image (5)

I wrote this … effectively, throwing down a gauntlet I had no choice but to pick up. I was forced to write The Three Blind Mice And The Seeing-Eye Elephant


Once, there were three blind mice – Estaban, Raviolli, and Bob. They were ex-Circus Mice … which meant they were ex-acrobats, ex-trapeze artists, ex-clowns, ex-lion tamers, ex-unicorn riders … ex-who do we want to shoot out of the cannon this week …

Did I mention they were blind? Image (4)

From birth they couldn’t see a thing … but, then, no one on their planet could see anything any better. They relied on their other fifteen senses – one for each whisker to either side of their nose.

Did I mention they weren’t from around here?

Estaban, Raviolli, and Bob are three blind mice with a shared secret; they have run away from their home to join the circus. Unfortunately, their home is chasing them; it wants them back : the King’s Royal Guard is looking for them because they’re the Kings the Guard is supposed to protect –

Kings are not supposed to do dangerous things; they are not supposed to be shot out of cannons!

Then two-hundred-and-forty-up seven elephants in full riot gear showed up for the matinee performace …

The three blind mice are forced to run away from the circus … into the dark woods to retire to a little cottage … where they milk cows and make cheese. In the evenings, after their chores are done, they play music – when, suddenly, there is an uneven skrawking from overhead, and a bright light –

It’s a project in progress

  • The story is done
  • Initial artwork is being roughed out
  • If you want to learn more about the mice … ask me
  • this story has been queued up and slotted to follow &tHD
  • which is / are slotted to follow
    • The Dwarves and the Slow-Magic … and …
    • The Wooden Bowl

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