It’s funny … the way the mind works … how it picks up on one project, for  example, and holds to it with a vengence … while others just get knocked around … down one space, one slot on the totem … generally, it is the most recently written or drawn that draws your attention … my – our intentions



…  Barbara and the Humming Dragon … which came first?  this tale born of our last trip to Turkey Run IN State Park <?> or a story drawn from a watercolor sketch … Krysten and the Hungry Dragon … and what are we gonna do about it?, or them?

Then there  is The Girl Next Door …

and Angel Darling, Detective, and the Case of the Missing Sacred Necklace … 1

and how do any of these match against The Three Blind Mice and the Seeing Eye Elephant? Which do wee approach first; they are all appealing – picture-wise … illustration-wise

.. The key is do it.  Do something.  Do ANYthing!

… So …

  1. (one) we are  determined to focus on one project/story a month –
  2. (two) the first story to be approached is / will be Krysten and the Hungry Dragon
  3. (three) the next story – the second – will be the first in the series Angel Darling …
  4. (four) each month there is / will be a throwaway –  a cover piece … to be used for a calandar projectImage (77)

twelve titles and a cover for the family’s Christmas Calendar

5.   (five) by November … we will be concentrating on the holidays … Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanza … New Year’s … winter …

I think we will choose the story of the first Christmas Tree –