Valentine’s Day – 2016

(for Celeste)

The mountains followed her
home – all the way from Colorado –
this was just this past summer … or maybe it was

two summers ago. Before that
there was that lake in Montana;

she’d packed it in her suitcase – it had its own
lake monster … or was it my lake monster? Packed it
in my leaky suitcase? The forest was hers –

It came when she called it;
she named it Daryl. And it walked with her
among the accompanying mountains. She taught the forest to fetch –

small stones … moose!
She taught the forest to curl up into a ball
in the bow of her canoe … we paddled across the lake,

then downstream, and around the next bend … into tomorrow …

Sunrise, and moon-rise … and the sun ever-rising again; it was
in her voice; you could hear it;

it is in your voice, Celeste –

the first notes … those first few notes … that
draw us, tentatively, into the dance. There are then the next notes
that build upon the notes that followed them; you sing them; and listen as they echo
the last notes that fall like autumn leaves … that tumble down the grey streets … that take

root in shadows.

That grow as a mountain grows … to dance as a mountain dances, and sings. I can hear
your voice in the belly of a dark woods; you are singing, and the snow is beginning to fall.


About genegryniewicz

I am a Storyteller - Poet - Illustrator
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