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I am my father’s son


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another work I am working on

Krysten And The Hungry Dragon   Once there was a storyteller who started one of the stories she often told like this: There was a young girl; her name was Krysten. She was not a very big girl – being … Continue reading

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You Know How It Works

You’re talking on the telephone … or you’re listening to one of your professors pontificating from her podium @ stage center … about … something … or you’re just listening to the radio – There are still radios, aren’t there? … Continue reading

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It’s raining. Hard.

It has been raining most of all night … and I’ve been listening to it – the rain – raining … not sleeping.  No birds to listen to. They’re late, this morning. They’ve overslept … not sounding their first notes … Continue reading

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A letter to Joe Enzweiler – more

words on the table between us — wooden and thick with splinters and ash …   we are, not our words; our words leap; they pirouette; they dance across plains   and mountains, and stars we have laid down between … Continue reading

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Pieces and Parts and More Stuffs

It lasted till Mac showed up. He had spent the weekend with his sister Now, he was back … did Mac even have a sister? And we had to leave also. We had schools to start to attend In Watermelon … Continue reading

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